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Travel & Riding Sharing

Travel & Ride Sharing App

Sharing Services is on track to begin development of a new web-based application (APP) that will bundle riding sharing services and PathAways membership travel deals together in one convenient tool. Sharing Services began as a concept to build the first app that helped travelers share rides like Uber, Lyft, regular taxis and more. Now with the launch of PathAways, the concept has morphed into a more robust tool for travelers to do mrs than just find the best deals online.

Value Proposition

Taxi Sharing Services


Beginning 2Q 2017, Sharing Services will begin the build out of a new riding sharing app, coupled with its members only community, PathAways, as a continuation of its business model. There is no ride sharing app today to allow people to share rides from the same close proximity to one another.

This will be a breakthrough app, offered for free and in partnership with 3rd parties such as Uber and Lyft.


Closed-Looop Community

The power is in the community. The larger the community, the bester the travel deals. In order for the travel offers and wholesale deals to be shared, they must be behind a subscription based closed-loop network. This is to protect the contracted rates in a non-publicized format.