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A new travel membership community accessing wholesale travel deals and offers!

Imagine being able to access hotels from 30-70% off the best online price, guaranteed? Well now you can with PathAways, a new subscription based travel community offering deals not available to the public. Hotels, cars, flights and cruises are coupled with wellness based travel such as medical tourism, yoga retreats, affinity group trips and much more. Powerful invitation programs affiliate programs allow for viral sharing like has never been seen before. PathAways is the fastest growing travel community in the world.

Value Proposition


30-70% Off Hotels Globally

Accessing hotels on the world-wide-web is as easy as finding any of the online travel agencies owned by the two giants, Expedia and Priceline. These two OTAs, (online travel agencies) dominate the $8 trillion dollar travel industry with one main challenge; all online search results garner “retail, published fares” and they’re all the same, no matter who you search.

Imagine being able to bypass these OTAs by going directly to the wholesalers.¬†PathAways allows end user consumers to access, through a “closed loop” membership program to get incredible wholesale results.


Closed-Loop Community

The power is in the community. The larger the community, the bester the travel deals. In order for the travel offers and wholesale deals to be shared, they must be behind a subscription based closed-loop network. This is to protect the contracted rates in a non-publicized format.

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